Touristen aus der ganzen Welt genießen Kitesurfen jetzt in der ägyptischen Stadt Hurghada Gouna, Macadi, und Soma Bay. Sie genießen es über das Wasser in Brettchen von Powerkites in Hurghadas offenen Stränden ohne „Anorak“ gezogen durch, Das ist ein idealer Ort für diesen Sport.

Ahmed El-Sayegh, an owner of a kitesurfing center, said that tourists coming from all over the world especially Europeans, are passionate about this sport. He asserted that nearly half of tourists who visit these places in Hurghada come to play this sport.

Ashraf Emam, a kite surfing trainer, said that kite surfing competitions require competitors to show skills and perform a number of professional acts using their boards in a given period of time.



A number of referees observe and evaluate the competitor’s performance. Another form of these competitions requires competitors to surf between two gates; the one to reach the finish line first wins.

While kite surfing competitions are held in different parts in the world including France, Spain and the Canary Islands, Egypt organized a kite surfing competition with the participation of 50 Egyptian and foreigner players in March 2016.

In 2017, the Red Sea governorate’s Marsa Alam hosted another kitesurfing competition with 85 participants, with the aim of refreshing tourism.


Photo credit: courtesy of TripAdvisor